Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Those are the guidelines

As stated those are the guidelines.  You must practice and continue to shoot in order to become better at utilizing these components.  I studied in college and put in my time, now the rules are second nature and only occasionally do I find myself going through each step before I shoot.  I simply approach a scene look at it and then I compose the picture.

When you're first starting out use a tripod and go through each step one at a time, they're your checklist for the picture.

1.  Horizontal or Vertical?
2.  Rule of Thirds?
3.  Balance?
4.  Repetition of Form?
5.  Leading Line?

Your pictures may not all have these fundamentals, and that is ok.  Not every composition will lend itself to these concepts but by implementing just a few or trying, you will get better at photography, your pictures will get better, and you'll become more appreciative or your own pictures and the ones floating around you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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